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Saving Water with the Cold Air Drain®

Protects against frost damage without water.
Frost protection using sprinklers uses a lot of water! Many areas have extremely stringent water usage restrictions, in which sprinklers for frost protection are often not a viable option. Conventional sprinklers use approximately 50 gallons/minute per acre. Microsprinklers may also be used for limited frost protection, but the crop must be irrigated simultaneously with a minimum flow rate of approximately 35-40 gallons/minute per acre1, but requiring approximately 70-80 gallons/minute to be effective2. The Cold Air Drain® provides powerful frost protection without using any water

Complies with water conservation regulations.
The Cold Air Drain® meets water conservation regulations by using moving air, not water, for frost protection. By not using water for frost protection, endangered species are saved, thereby avoiding regulatory penalties and maintaining the natural environment.

Safe to use in any type freeze.
The Cold Air Drain® is safe to use during any type freeze or weather condition.  During nights with changing conditions, the use of water may actually cause damage.3

Makes sprinkler usage more efficient.
Shur Farms Cold Air Drain® is compatible with under vine/tree and over vine/tree sprinkler irrigation systems. When the Cold Air Drain® is used in conjunction with sprinklers, the water can be started later and shut off earlier by keeping the temperature in the field higher for a longer period of time.

Reduces risk of frost damage from sprinkler failure.
The Cold Air Drain® will reduce the dip in temperature when sprinklers are initially turned on. The Cold Air Drain® also makes the failure of sprinklers less likely by removing the coldest air layer along the ground that can freeze water lines.

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