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Saving Energy with the Cold Air Drain®

Uses less fuel than wind machines and heaters.
The Cold Air Drain® #1550 uses approximately 1 gallon of fuel per hour to protect 6-9 acres. That's almost 1/10 the amount of fuel needed to operate traditional wind machines and 1/400 the amount of fuel needed to operate heaters to protect 10 acres.

Significantly reduces fuel costs.
The Cold Air Drain® significantly reduces fuel costs because less fuel required to operate the Cold Air Drain®. Contact us for further fuel cost information.

Get the most out of every gallon of fuel. 
The high efficiency Cold Air Drain® better utilizes every gallon of fuel than lower efficiency wind machines and heaters. See the Product Comparison page for efficiency ratings.

Customized frost protection eliminates waste.
The Cold Air Drain® customized frost protection system provides targeted frost protection for your project area, thereby eliminating waste.

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