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Reducing Noise with the Cold Air Drain®

Quiet enough to be used near residential areas, businesses, and roads.
Decibel levels for the Cold Air Drain® are significantly less than traditional wind machines. Decibel levels for wind machines may be approximately 90dB at 126ft1and levels as high as 55-70dB at 984ft2! Compare wind machine levels with the Cold Air Drain® #1550, in which decibel levels range from approximately 63-69dB at 120ft. Additional information about decibel level for the Cold Air Drain® can be found on the Decibel Levels page.

No annoying and painful low frequency pitch when operating.
Low frequency sound generated by the turning of wind machine blades can be disruptive during the night when wind machines most often run. The Cold Air Drain® has a wind-resistant propeller to reduce unnecessary noise.

Complies with many noise ordinances.
Complies with many noise ordinances, including noise limits and best practices in the Napa, California region, as well as New Zealand and Canada. Shur Farms Frost Protection® works with growers to help them reduce frost protection generated noise.

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