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Odor Control


#925   Cold Air Drain®     Unit Size: 72in x 72in x 74in              843lb**

#1550 Cold Air Drain®     Unit Size: 96in x 96in x 89in           1,100lb**

#3510 Cold Air Drain®     Unit Size: 125in x 125in x 114in     2,160lb**


*Depending on severity of situation.
**Weights are approximate.

The unique design of the Shur Farms Cold Air Drain ® upward blowing fan draws airflows from along the ground into the machine and expels them upwards, redirecting and diluting the odor concentration into the atmosphere.


Areas downstream of a landfill or source of odor may experience katabic or ‘downslope’ air flows from uphill.  Heavier odor molecules mixed into the air layer along the ground are transported downhill along the ground.  By directing the contaminated air flows into the Cold Air Drain® machine, the odor can be removed and diluted to less intrusive concentrations.


Another method of odor containment can be accomplished by simply surrounding the offending area with Cold Air Drain ® machines or a combination of mechanical barriers and machines to create a mechanical and air curtain obstruction stopping the spread of the contaminated air mass.

A. PROPELLER:   All aluminum construction, balanced, jig-formed to provide complex contour needed for high aerodynamic efficiency.


B. GEARBOX:  ISO registered (International Organization for Standards), AGMA Rated (American Gear Manufacturers Association), high efficiency right angle bevel gearbox, cast iron housing, aluminum caps, carburized and case hardened gears.


C. WIND TUNNEL HOUSING:   Computer-designed 8-panel model, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) manufacturing, all steel construction, bell inlet specially designed to deliver maximum thrust to propel cold air.


D. BASE: All steel freestanding base, precision engineered tower

supports designed to reduce movement and vibration in tower, cold roll steel shafts with keyways, precision ball bearings with cast iron housings for quiet and smooth operation, quality industrial grade #5 fasteners, electrostatic spray powder coating.


E. LIFT BRACKETS: Integrated forklift/tractor brackets to provide complete portability for easy unloading and transporting in and out of the field.


F. DRIVELINE: Balanced 3-piece design, industrial universal joints, safety orange plastic guards, 1 3/8in spline standard tractor PTO yoke, stabilizer bearing, keyway, and set screw.

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