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Frost Analysis

Every frost situation is unique so, Shur Farms Frost Protection® offers a Computerized Frost Analysis to recommend a Cold Air Drain® system. 


The Computerized Frost Analysis includes:
• 3-dimensional and airflow models of your site;
• Identification of cold air accumulation problem(s);
• Cold Air Drain® system design;
• Passive frost protection recommendations; and
• Price quote.


To get started with your Computerized Frost Analysis, just call or e-mail us, or complete the Frost Analysis Form. The following basic information is all that we will need to get started:


1. Contact information;
2. Physical property location; and
3. General information about your growing area (e.g., crop,

    acreage, current frost protection used (if any));


You may return the completed Frost Analysis Form 

to Shur Farms® via e-mail, fax, or postal mail. 




Postal Mail: 

Shur Farms Frost Protection®
1890 N. 8th Street 
Colton, CA 92324 










NOTE: If you intend to complete the Frost Analysis Form on your computer, please save the form first and enter information into the saved version of the form.


That's it! Your Computerized Frost Analysis will be sent to you within a few days.


*Toll free in the U.S. and Canada.


© Copyrighted 2010 by Jackrabbit Equipment

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