Accumulation Area
Accumulation Area Air Flow Map
Cold air lake image.
COLD AIR "LAKES," FROST POCKETS, & ACCUMULATION AREAS: Without having any drainage, the freezing air fills an area, similar to a bowl or lake.

Cold air lake model.

Swales & canyons image.

SWALES & CANYONS: A flow of freezing air is funneled into an area such as a swale or canyon causing a build-up of cold air.

Swales & canyons model.

Sloped area image.

SLOPED AREAS: Freezing air moves downhill and builds up along a canal bank, reservoir bank, berm, elevated road, trees and shrubs, or other obstructions.

Sloped area model.

Rolling hills image.

ROLLING HILLS: Frost settles in low areas creating numerous frost prone patches.

Rolling hills model.

Cold air flooding image.

FLOODING: Flooding occurs when cold air accumulates below an orchard, builds up, and then overflows the contained area.

Cold air flooding model.

Flat area image.

FLAT AREAS: To drain cold air from flat areas, artificial or natural barriers surrounding the growing area may be necessary. These contain the cold air and allows for its removal with the Shur Farms Cold Air Drain®.

Flat area model.

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