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Cold Air Drain®
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Cold Air Drain®
How many acres do the units cover, what are the dimensions of the units, and how much do the units weigh?
Please see the About the Product page for answers to these questions.
How do you power the units?
Gas engine, tractor PTO, electric motor, and temperature controlled auto-start are available power options. The Power Options page provides additional information about available power options.
What size tractor do I need for the PTO model?
The #925 requires a minimum 10HP at 540 RPM, the #1550 a minimum 15HP at 540 RPM, and the #3510 a minimum 35HP at 540 RPM.
How can the Cold Air Drain® move so much air, yet use so little fuel?
The octagonal wind tunnel design, over 85-90% efficient propellers, and customized frost protection system designs for optimal placement allows for the Cold Air Drain® to obtain maximum efficiency.
Do you add heat to the units or do they just move air?
The Cold Air Drain® moves air. Please see the About the Product page for information about how the Cold Air Drain® works.
Does the Cold Air Drain® blow up or down?
The Cold Air Drain® pulls in the coldest air from along the ground and thrusts it upwards. Please see the About the Product page for information about how the Cold Air Drain® works.
When the cold air is sent up does it fall back down?
No. The cold air is mixed with the warmer, lighter air from above allowing it to continue rising. Ultimately, the cold air is dispersed into the upper inversion layer and will not fall back down. Please see the About the Product page for additional information about how the Cold Air Drain® works.
Is the Cold Air Drain ® a traditional wind machine?
No. The Cold Air Drain® is designed to work in low areas where cold air accumulates. Please see the Cold Air Drain® versus Wind Machine page for additional information about the differences between the Cold Air Drain® and wind machines.
Will the Cold Air Drain® work for row crops?
The Cold Air Drain® generally protects crops of 12-18in or higher.
Can the Cold Air Drain® be used with other types of frost protection?
Yes. The Cold Air Drain® can be used alone or with heaters, wind machines, and sprinklers. Please contact a Shur Farms® representative to determine the best frost protection plan for your site.

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Who has Cold Air Drain® units protecting their crops? Where are these units located?
The Cold Air Drain® protects a wide variety of crops that range from small, local farms all the way to international commercial enterprises. Thousands of Cold Air Drains® are protecting trees and vines throughout the world.
How long have you been selling the Cold Air Drain®?
The Cold Air Drain® has been commercially manufactured and distributed since 2001.
Do you have any research on the Cold Air Drain®?
Yes. The in-house Research & Development department conducts product research at the Shur Farms® facility and in the field. Selected publications are available on the Presentations page.
How do I know if the Cold Air Drain® will work for me? 
Shur Farms® conducts a free, no-obligation Computerized Frost Analysis to recommend a customized system design. See the Getting Started page for more information.

How can I tell if my unit is working?
Temperatures in lower, frost-prone areas will be more similar to higher, non-frost areas when the Cold Air Drain® is operating. Crop yields will be more consistent throughout the protected area.

Is there a warranty on the Cold Air Drain®?
Yes. Please see the Pricing page for warranty information.

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Transportation & Installation
How are the Cold Air Drain® units shipped?
Cold Air Drain® units are generally shipped by flatbed truck almost fully assembled. They can also be shipped disassembled with assembly instructions.
How much does shipping cost?
The best available cost will be determined at the time of order.
How are the Cold Air Drain® units moved?
The Cold Air Drain® has built in forklift brackets and may be easily moved by forklift or tractor.
Do you come out and install the Cold Air Drain® units in my field?
Professional installation is not necessary. The low-profile Cold Air Drain® is easily owner-installed and maintained.

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Parts & Service
Who services the Cold Air Drain® units?
The Cold Air Drain® is nearly maintanenace free and is easily owner maintained. For parts and service questions, please call Shur Farms® 877-842-9688*, 909-825-2035 or e-mail
What if I need help during non-standard business hours?
Please call 877-842-9688*, 909-825-2035 for trouble-shooting assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What do I do if I need a part?
Please contact the Parts & Service department at 877-842-9688*, 909-825-2035 or for help finding a part.
Where can I find additional information about my engine?
The Cold Air Drain® operator's manual includes the manual for your engine. Please contact the Parts & Service department at 877-842-9688 or for help locating a local warranty station. Local warranty stations are also listed in your Operator's Manual.
What do I do if I lose my Operator's Manual?
Please contact the Parts & Service department at 877-842-9688*, 909-825-2035 or A copy of the Operator's Manual can be e-mailed to you.

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Do you ever have sales?
Shur Farms Frost Protection® offers several promotional sales. Please see the Sales page for details about sales.
May I add an engine or upgrade later?
Yes. Please contact Shur Farms® at 877-842-9688*, 909-825-2035 or

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About Us
Who developed the Cold Air Drain®?
Shur Farms Frost Protection® and its partners designed and developed the first Cold Air Drain® unit in the 1990's. Shur Farms Frost Protection® is the only manufacturer and distributor of the Cold Air Drain®.
Do you work with grower groups and other organizations?
Shur Farms Frost Protection® is a partner and active member of various grower groups, professional associations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations that promote sustainability and agricultural development.
How did you get the name "Shur Farms"?
The name, Shur Farms, is based on the names of the owners' family and is the name of their family-owned walnut orchard and cattle ranch.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
You can call Shur Farms Frost Protection® at 877-842-9688*, 909-825-2035 or e-mail

Do you have a mailing list? What do you send?
Yes. Shur Farms® sends quarterly newsletters with sales, events, and helpful frost information. To receive the newsletter, please subscribe to the mailing list. Past newsletters are also available for your reading pleasure.

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